How long will the renovations take?

A typical bathroom renovation generally takes around 2-3 weeks.

Do you supply tiles, vanities etc?

MSI prefers to share the design and decision-making process with the homeowner. Marc will provide you with a list of items and walk you through the process, but the homeowner will be responsible for purchasing and arranging delivery.

Will it be cheaper to renovate multiple bathrooms at once?

Yes, the cost of trades will be cheaper, so we can pass on the savings.

Will I have access to any of the amenities during the renovations?

No, it’s best to prearrange alternative facilities or we can arrange for mobile facilities to be available onsite if necessary.

Do I need to be home throughout the renovations?

No, Marc will require a spare key and a key lock box will be installed on site. Marc will keep you informed of the trades onsite. Any ongoing questions and queries are best discussed in the morning before work commences.

Will I have access to water and electricity?

Yes, there will be minimal interruptions to your normal services. The time without services will be dependent on the complexity of the rewiring or water movement. Expect around one day in the first week and then a half day in the second week.